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Administrative Law & Regulatory Compliance

Government action and regulations frequently affect how corporations transact their business in Florida. Whether you need to better understand how to comply with statutes and agency rules or need to challenge them, our team is well versed in the nuances of Florida administrative law. We frequently advise clients on how to navigate and comply with Florida’s regulatory schemes. And when our clients deem it necessary, we are fully equipped to challenge regulations, having represented clients in a variety of administrative proceedings, including rule development and rule challenges, non-rule policy challenges, declaratory statement petitions, waivers and variances, licensing matters, and procurement disputes. With decades of experience, our team has appeared in over 100 matters at the Florida Division of Administrative Hearings and has been called upon in many more matters to provide advice relating to Florida’s Administrative Procedure Act. We also have extensive experience in providing advice and representation on the requirements of Florida’s Sunshine Law and the Florida Public Records Act, as well as laws limiting how local government may exercise its power.

As a natural outgrowth of our administrative law practice, the firm’s members have been involved in dozens of appeals in state and federal courts. Whether it is a direct appeal from a final order or petitions for extraordinary writs, we routinely handle appeals for our clients.

Given our depth of experience, Florida state agencies themselves have retained our services with particular emphasis on rule challenges and defense of agency decisions in licensure and procurement matters.

Administrative Law & Regulatory Compliance